COPsync and HCSS sign distribution agreement

COPsync Inc. (COYN.OB) announced that the company has  licensed Hill Country Software and Support, Inc., an information technology vendor to state and local government and law enforcement, to be a distributor of the COPsync  fieldbased reporting and information-sharing network. Hill Country  sells and supports county and municipal government  accounting,  court management,  tribal  court  management, CJIS  reporting, vehicle inventory tax, and law enforcement systems.

“We  welcome Hill Country to our existing network of distributors and resellers,” said Herbert Severin, Vice President for Strategic Business Relations of COPsync.  “COPsync  is dedicated to building a nationwide network of the best  of the estimated  2100 vendors  supplying  information technology  to the law enforcement industry. We plan to integrate our service with the  information systems of these select vendors – to produce a nationwide network of distributors committed to real time data interoperability. Hill Country has a broad product set, robust technology and a substantial customer base in key industry sectors, making them an obvious choice for inclusion in our distributor network.”

“The integration between Hill Country and COPsync will produce a complete and powerful law enforcement package that we are excited to offer agencies in Texas and beyond,” said Jim Stateczny, President of Hill Country Software and Support, Inc.  “The new features will not only increase safety in the field for the officers, but will also increase efficiency and accuracy  in reporting and managing the data collected.”

“Lack of information sharing among law enforcement agencies is a well-documented problem in the United States,” said Ronald A. Woessner, COPsync chief executive officer. “Hill Country’ssubstantial customer base in Texas further solidifies our position as the information sharing network of choice among law enforcement agencies in Texas. The nationwide network of distributors that we are building, who are committed to real-time data interoperability, will help us  leverage our success in Texas to extend the company’s geographical footprint throughout the United States.”
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2011 Payroll Tax Changes and HCSS

The following changes have been included in the December 31st, 2010 update:

  • Printing of 1099’s with the 2010 format
  • Printing of W2’s with the 2010 format
  • 2011 social security tax law change processing

Once you’ve installed the update, keep the following in mind:

  • Do the W2 extract before you enter the new social security tax rate.  If you’ve already entered the new tax rate and must rerun the W2 extract, set the percentage back to 6.2%, run the extract, and set the percentage back to 4.2% after you’ve finished
  • On the social  security deduction record, which is deduction record number one, set the employee’s percentage to 4.2%, and  leave the employer’s percentage at 6.2%.
  • The processing of W2’s and 1099’s is the same as last year.  You must have the current update loaded before you do the actual printing of the 1099’s and W2’s.  It’s OK if  you ran the extract prior to the loading of the current update.
  • This is the link for Notice 1036, from the federal government, laying out the new tax rates. Please use this link for reference when you’re entering the new Tax Table 7
  • Remember that when you enter the new Tax Table 7, start from the bottom and work your way up.  The table in our software contains more entry lines than the table in Notice 1036 uses, and the unused lines must be at the top of our table, filled with zeros.