COPsync announces Initiative to Help Student Safety

One of the most important issues facing us as a nation today is the safety of our children.

HCSS technology partner COPsync has just announced the release of their newest product meant to help keep teachers and students safe in school.

With the release of COPsync911, a school teacher can simply hit a button on their computer if there’s a dangerous situation. School administrators and the five closest law enforcement agents using the COPsync system are immediately notified of an emergency. The notification includes a map of the school and the location of the room where the alert was sent.

By reducing response time, COPsync works with local law enforcement to do everything possible to protect our children and staff helping them.

HCSS is proud to be fully integrated with the COPsync system in our courts and law enforcement packages.

To read more about COPsync911, see the full press release here.