On October 26, 2010, Hill Country Software & Support took a big step and committed to becoming the first distributor of the COPsync field-based reporting and information sharing network. With the powerful in-car data collection and information sharing powering the Hill Country Mobile section of our law enforcement, the new features will not only increase safety in the field for the officers, but will also increase efficiency and accuracy  in reporting and managing the data collected.

COPsync citations are automatically uploaded to a central server that provides other law enforcement agencies across the country with the information. So when an officer pulls someone over for speeding, they can check the COPsync network to see what other citations or warnings have been issued on that person. They can also check for warrants or any warnings about threats to officers. While most people think of the benefits of COPsync for officers in the field, it also provides substantial benefits to courts.

Benefits to the Courts

COPsync is currently integrated into our court systems which means that if your local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department is part of the COPsync network, all local tickets can be directly imported into the HCSS Court System without any data entry. No more interpreting handwriting on handwritten tickets means more accurate data entry and fewer trips to the optometrist.  That’s a free service and is included with every HCSS Court System who has local law enforcement on the COPsync network. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits of the system.

COPsync can also have a separate limited installation at your court which will allow you to…

  • View any BOLOs (Be On the Lookout for) on the COPsync network
  • Access a searchable law reference library with all of the latest legislation and the actual text of the legislation
  • View local warrants from any COPsync affiliated agencies (with Warrant Sync subscription)
  • View the COPsync history for any other violations on a defendant to help evaluate your cases and deferred adjudication cases
  • Send instant messages to officers in their car
  • Send invitations to officers for court dates or other events using the integrated calendaring system
  • See all civil process attempts

For even more functionality, courts can have a full installation of the system at their office (with the appropriate state-mandated training)  which will give them the added ability to..

  • Search TCIC, NCIC and TLETS
  • Run Driver’s License checks
  • Run vehicle registration checks

The benefits and power of the COPsync network really have to be seen to be completely appreciated. There are simply to many to mention on a web site. We’d be happy to demo the system to your court and law enforcement agency. Contact us now to schedule a time.

Benefits to Law Enforcement

The benefits of the COPsync Network to law enforcement are really too numerous to mention. Since the system has gone online 2 years ago, the stories of situations where the information sharing network has helped save officer lives as well as citizen lives keep growing. In general, the benefits of COPsync include

  • Availability of an information network for ALL Law Enforcement Officers to access remotely in the field
  • Technology designed to assist 100% of the activities that a Law Enforcement Officer could expect to generate while in the field
  • Real-time statistical data to allow administrators the ability to create, run, and analyze reports to proactively lower crime in their communities
  • Real-time information to allow administrators the ability to create, run, and analyze reports to efficiently manage their agency
  • Real-time information sharing between agencies as crimes are reported and investigated
  • Intuitive graphical interface designed with simplicity and the resulting officer safety as a top priority
  • Intelligent forms to assist in expediting the paperwork process that will allow officers more time on the street instead of behind a desk

We feel strongly that once you see the power of the COPsync network in action that you’ll agree that it’s a vital investment in the safety of your officers and your community as a whole. We’d be more than happy to demo the system to your agency. Contact us now to schedule a time.