Make sure to check the “HELP” button at the top right corner of your IADT software. You can find the answer to many of your problems there.

If you’re still having problems you may be able to find a document here you can download for reference.

DPS Ticket Download

Importing DPS Tickets into IADT

Budgetary Accounting

Electronic Filing Procedures for IRS Form 1099 (2009)

Budgetary Accounting Start of Year Procedures (2011)

Instructions for Prorating Interest

Texas Workforce Commission Report

W2 Electronic Filing Guidelines

General Help

Court Management Calendar Usage Manual (out of date)

Creating WordPerfect Merge Documents

DPS Electronic Disposition Reporting

Force Clear Defendant from Omnibase

Installing the IADT updates

Adding a Printer in IADT

DPS Report of Convictions Instructions

Omnibase Manual

How to Process a NSF Payment

IADT Workstation Installation

Configuring Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for IADT