LGS Acquires all Assets of Hill County Software and Support, Inc.


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Local Government Solutions, L.P.
William E. Hazeldean

LGS Acquires all Assets of Hill County Software and Support, Inc.


{Houston, TX, November 14, 2016} – Representatives of Local Government Solutions (LGS) and Hill County Software and Support, Inc. (HCSS) announced today that they have reached a definitive agreement in which LGS will acquire all of the assets of HCSS effective December 1, 2016. Ed Hazeldean will remain the President of LGS while Elisabeth Gardner, President of HCSS will become the Director, Justice Court Solutions within LGS reporting to Sandy Randall, VP of Operations. Jim Stateczny, HCSS Chairman will resign his position as Chairman of the Board of HCSS but is being retained in a consultancy role to manage the accounting segment of the LGS-HCSS business for an extended period during the transition. Will Stateczny, HCSS, Vice President of R&D will assume a new position as Director of R&D at LGS-HCSS, a new division of LGS and will report to Mr. Hazeldean. The LGS-HCSS division will be located in the former HCSS Office complex in Boerne, Texas.

In a brief statement following the announcement, LGS President, Ed Hazeldean commented saying, “There are few times when two competing companies come together with so many complementary attributes. Early on in our discussions it was clear there was a unique synergy among our companies which could only result in enhancing both companies customer value.” Since its beginning in 1982 HCSS has focused on providing quality software products and support for the local government market. “HCSS and LGS have a very complementary suite of software and services all centrally focused around their customer needs and requirements”, stated Jim Stateczny, Chairman of the Board of HCSS. “Out of all of the software companies serving local government market, LGS is the only company I would consider entrusting our customers to”.

LGS is one of seven affiliated companies of Information Capital Enterprises, Inc. whose business focus is on building, delivering, and supporting business critical software and services for local government entities. Information Capital companies serve at least one segment of all 254 counties in Texas and has in recent years expanded it business to other U.S. States.

Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10 Yet

With the new release of the Windows 10 operating system, some of you may be anxious to install the new system on your computers. We ask that you please hold off on that for now because HCSS does not fully support Windows 10 or the Edge browser. We do currently and will continue to support current versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

The HCSS solutions integrate software products from multiple vendors. When Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, we work with those vendors to use versions of their software tested on the new version, and then we also test our application on the new version. While we try to do much of this testing using Microsoft’s so-called early release candidates, there is almost always a few weeks of testing that must occur after the official Microsoft release.

In the case of Windows 10, Microsoft is also introducing a new browser, named Edge. Since HCSS solutions are browser based, and have always specified Internet Explorer, we anticipate additional time until we can support Edge. However, Microsoft continues to support Internet Explorer, which HCSS will continue to specify and support until we are certain of reliable results using Edge.

JP and Municipal Court Checklist for the new OCA Report – IMPORTANT

The new OCA reporting requirements for your courts goes into effect for your September 2011 report.
Follow these steps below to be sure that you’re ready!
  1. Complete your August 2011 report. We don’t want to change any of your codes until you have turned in your August data.
  2. Download and install August 18a HCSS Court update or newer
  3. Switch to new report – Go to OCA Monthly State Report and click on the button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to switch to the new report. You can do this before you are ready to run your September report, but only after you have completed your August 2011 report.
  4. Click on help button on OCA Monthly State Report and review HCSS help pages and videos. You can also view the help pages and videos at http://help.hillcountrysoftware.com
  5. Update Court info. (Help pages – page 1)
  6. Review the difference between Active/Inactive and Pending/Closed and how to designate a case Inactive. (Help pages – pages 2 and 3)
  7. Update subset groups on offense codes. See OCA list of how DPS offenses codes are categorized if you are unsure of a subset group. (Help pages – pages 2 and 3)
  8. Update disposition codes. Most of these should be correct, but you will want to review them just in case. (Help pages – pages 2 and 3)
  9. Create new offense code for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Juvenile if necessary (Help pages – page 4)
  10. Be sure you are using the Adult/Juvenile switch on cause screen (Help pages – page 4)
  11. Review new proceeding options on note records (Help pages – page 5)
  12. Be sure you are using receipts to show Community Service. The new reports requires reporting of cases fully or partially satisfied by community service and this is how we track this. (Help pages – page 5)
  13. Call HCSS if you have any questions!

PDFDownload a PDF copy of these instructions