Recalculate Collections Vendor Fees

We’ve recently added a feature that will automatically recalculate the Collection Fees on a cause if you ever change the balance. When you get your next update you’ll have the option to turn that on. Here are the details.

When you download and install your next update, you’ll be confronted with a message letting you know you can turn on the recalculation option. It’s just a friendly reminder so just click “OK.”

Verify Recalculation Option
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Once you’re inside the system, you’ll need to go to the “Work with Court Information Records” section in the Main Menu. If you don’t see that option then you’re probably not set up with the appropriate permissions to edit that section. Someone else at your office does have that permission so they can do it or you can call us and our techs will help set it up for you.

Where is the Court Information
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When you get into the Court Information Records, you’ll choose the “People and Cause Entry Defaults Screen.”

People Cause Entry Defaults Option
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From here you have a few options on how you want the system to handle recalculations.

  • Don’t recalculate the collection fee
  • Prompt the user for recalculation
  • Automatically recalculate with any change in the total due

If you just want the recalculation to happen without having to do anything on your part, select the 3rd option.

Select your REcalculation Options
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If you choose the 2nd option to prompt you before you make any changes, you’ll see this screen. From here you can simply choose “yes” if you want to recalculate the totals or “no” if you want to leave your collection fee the same.

User Prompt Dialog
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That’s all there is to it. In the system, a recalculation will be triggered when a user goes onto a cause that is in collections and reverses a charge transaction, makes a monetary adjustment in the automated procedures area, or flags a cause for Omnibase. Now you can use this automated feature to save even more time in your work.

If you have any additional questions or need any help, give our tech support team a call and we’ll help you set up your system.